The Bang Shack

Despite it's name, The Bang Shack is not a restaurant. Instead, it the name of a company from Miami, FL, that has created something called the "Chicken Bang Dip". And, despite that name, the Chicken Bang Dip is apparently also tasty on rice, pasta, burritos, and omelets (and, one would assume, eggs of all sorts). It's a cheesy dip with chicken that the entrepreneur said can also go on chips as well as all the items listed above.

Presumably, the Chicken Bang Dig must contain some amount of chicken because there is also a vegetarian version that swaps in zucchini that the entrepreneur describes a "bangtastic", and a vegan version that (one assumes) omits both the chicken and the cheese, replacing the latter ingredient with cashews instead.

It's spicy and the entrepreneur explains that "that little kick lets you know you're alive."

Currently, The Bang Shack is selling the Chicken Bang Dip at farmer's markets around Florida to build up local name recognition. His presence at these markets feature a large booth with twelve crockpots keeping his dip warm. The entrepreneur stated that in the last year the company saw sales of $53,000 from just one market, appearing at it twice a week. He projects bringing in $88,000 by the end of the current year, with his sales limited by the fact that he currently makes it in crockpots and can't sell it in enough bulk.

The entrepreneur is looking for money to be able to get into a commercial kitchen to make it in larger batches.

For some reason, the entrepreneur did not have samples for the sharks to see of what his product looks like in final packaging. When questioned about it, he says he has it but doesn't say why he didn't bring it.

Mr. Wonderful, living up to his name, states that he doesn't think the entrepreneur has the inventory to begin rolling the product out to stores. And this becomes a bit of a theme as the sharks begin to question why he's not further along.

Because the entrepreneur didn't bring the packaging, Mark drops out of the deal.

Daymond wonders aloud how The Bang Shack will get buzz going about the product without the charisma of the entrepreneur doing the selling. It's apparently a stumper because Daymond says he doesn't know how to solve it and steps away from the deal.

Lori states that the whole company is in too early of a stage. Kevin agrees with her, stating that it's not yet investible, and they both drop out.

Robert says that he was hoping to see a sample package and hear about how sales in a test market had gone. If he'd had both (either?), Robert says The Bang Shack would have had a deal but, because he didn't, Robert says that he's out.

So, despite the entrepreneur seeming like an incredibly nice guy and the dip looking very tasty, The Bang Shack left the tank without a deal.

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