The ShowerPill is a product and a company started by three former Cal football players out of Berkeley, CA, that aims to replace the shower with a "body wipe."

The ShowerPill resembles a traditional baby wipe but is thicker and hypoallergenic, capable of removing dirt, sweat, and the bacteria that creates unpleasant "dirty" odors from the human body.

All three of the entrepreneurs that started ShowerPill played football at the University of California, Berkeley, and two went on to play professional football.

The ShowerPill costs $0.99 per wipe or $9.99 for a box of ten to the consumer. The wipes cost $0.14 each to manufacture.

In the previous year, the ShowerPill saw $300,000 in gross sales. By the time the episode aired, they had done another $200,000 in sales for the year to date and expected to finish the year essentially flat with $300,000. However, the entrepreneurs expected the next year to double to $600,000 in sales because they had received a letter of intent from a major pharmacy chain and a major airline.

The entrepreneurs stated that they had 60% gross margins on all sales and are profitable but that all profits were being re-invested back into the company (presumably to purchase more inventory or fund marketing).

The entrepreneurs also stated that they were working on developing a relationship with the US military to provide them presumably to soldiers in the field where showers are not, you know, a thing.

None of this was enough for the sharks to bite and the entrepreneurs left the tank without a deal.

This deal aired on Episode 9.20.

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