Podillow is a company from San Diego, CA, that has created the most niche of products (hence our classification of this deal as a gag): a tanning pillow with pockets to store goods.

This deputy sheriff and entrepreneur seems to think the biggest problem with massage chairs is that there's no place to... you know... keep your stuff. So the Podillow was created to hold onto people's stuff while they have their muscles worked on.

The entrepreneur is looking for $250,000 from the sharks to fulfill purchase orders and bulk up on inventory. The Podillow (at the time of this airing) is sold through two mail order catalogs for a $29.95 retail price. Over the course of the business' two year lifetime, Podillow has sold 6,000 units.

Unfortunately (and defying the general idea that unfulfilled POs is the surest way to a shark's heart), the sharks and Podillow can't come to an agreement and this entrepreneur leaves the tank without deal. 

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!

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