Legal Grind

This deal was not classified with the usual three category troika that restaurants usually are tagged with (service, retail, and food) because the main selling point of this deal was the legal services and not the quality of the coffee. But, because it would operate retail locations, it gets two of the three.

Legal Grind isn't just a good name for a coffee shop, it also the name of a coffee shop in Santa Monica, CA, that specializes in offering legal services. So... kind of a double-plus good name.

The actual coffee shop "Legal Grind" opened in 1996 but the legal services are a new idea. According to the entrepreneur, it's a setting where people can feel comfortable talking about things. It must be doing something because Legal Grind won the 2001 Legal Access Award from the American Bar Association.

Legal Grind is profitable, earning $30,000 in profit beyond the two $50,000 salaries it's paying out to the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurs are looking to franchise the idea.

Unfortunately, the concept of the business leaves the sharks with too many questions and the entrepreneurs end up leaving the tank without a deal.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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