Captain Ice Cream

Who can argue with a company who's mission is "to bring happiness to kids everywhere?" Apparently the sharks because Captain Ice Cream left the tank without a deal. Still, this mo-ped based ice cream truck concept sure seems like fun. In fact, the mo-ped is part of the novelty of Captain Ice Cream and when it franchises, it's one of the pieces of equipment each new franchisee needs.

Captain Ice Cream, as a name is trademarked and, as mentioned above, this entrepreneur has dreams of franchising the concept. Of course, just buying the mo-ped is a $7,000 expense.

The entrepreneur tells the sharks that Captain Ice Cream can make $200 in four hours of driving around or about $25 per hour which even he admitted that he was barely eeking out a living. Still, he was looking for $48,000 to hire a lawyer in order to form the franchise business.

Unfortunately for Captain Ice Cream, the economics of the deal just didn't work for anyone and this entrepreneur left the tank without a deal.

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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