Face Yoga With Koko

Woah, boy! This is going to be a short one because the producers of Shark Tank clearly threw this one into the mix for sheer entertainment value. Honestly, as great as the entrepreneur was and entertaining as the presentation was... well... just look... we're doing commentary at the top and not saving it for the bottom, are we?

But... pretending for a second that we should take this seriously, Face Yoga With Koko is a company that promises to help people look ten years younger without the need for plastic surgery or drugs. As proof, the entrepreneur, Koko herself, reveals that she is not in fact as young as one might assume but is actually forty. And the way she has managed this feat is through her own regimine of face exercises that help keep the muscles tight and young.

Among the interesting things learned in this pitch is that guest shark Rohan Oza has a seriously long, Gene Simmons-length tongue that he revealed when trying out the exercises.

Koko told the sharks that a person should do her exercises for three to five minutes every day and can do them while working, driving, walking the dog, whenever! Thus far, she's taught two hundred people, charging $200 per one hour session. And where do the other fifty-five minutes of every session go? Into learning how to do other exercises.

Like a lot of fitness companies[1], Face Yoga With Koko wants to license other instructors. Currently, there are two within the United States and 800 in Japan. Unfortunately, the lifetime revenue for the company is just $17,000. However, Koko tells the sharks, Face Yoga is just waiting to explode! After all, facelifts are a $14,000,000,000 market![2]

Koko claims that in Japan she has a cosmetics company that makes $500,000 a year aimed at the aging market, for instance eliminating aging body odors, but that it isn't part of this deal because she has more passion for face yoga.

Mark drops out because... well... it's not a fit for him. Rohan says he can't wrap his head around it and is also out. Barbara says that Koko should develop a comedy routine but is not willing to invest in her.

Lori seems to take Koko the most seriously, stating that she thinks the American market just doesn't have the patience to do something that will benefit them over years because they want it now. Needless to say, she's also out.

Kevin says that the thing he loves about the Shark Tank is that, everyday, he learns something. Unfortunately, he thinks it would be "hard" to make money on it and is also out leaving Face Yoga With Koko without a deal despite being incredibly entertaining.

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!


  1. A lot of fitness companies are premised on the idea that they have invented some new way to get or keep people fit and that instructors or gyms will license their system for use because it's popular or effective. Examples of this include BollyX, Bounce Boot Camp, Boogie Box Fitness, or Jiggaerobics from later in the season.
  2. This is a clear violation of the First Rule of Shark Tank which states that you shall not cite the size of some market in an effort to prove that your unproven idea has legs.

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