Episode 10.20

Deal snipeMaven's Creamery

A company started by two sisters that has taken the macaron and... yeah... turned it into an ice-cream sandwich.

Deal snipeSPARE

A company that wants to help the unbanked by giving them lower cost access to money withdrawls.

No Deal snipeSwoveralls

In perhaps the largest fashion no-no to ever appear on Shark Tank, an entrepreneur attempts to sell the sharks on a blend between sweatpants and... overalls...

Deal snipeSomnifix

A product that wants to help people stop snoring with little stickers they can put over their noses.

This episode features the usual four new deals for the sharks to consider. It also included a brief update on the sale of Bantam Bagels to a larger food producer. For those who may have forgotten, Bantam Bagels was a deal Lori Greiner made back in season six.

This episode originally aired on April 21st, 2019.

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