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Stress Free Kids

Stress Free Kids is a company from Marietta, GA, that wants to help children manage stress through a series of books and compact disks.[1]

These books and CDs are supposed to incorporate a stress management program kids can learn from. The books come from works that the entrepreneur previously wrotee.

Stress Free Kids moved 30,000 units in the year before resulting in $180,000 in sales. None of the books are published through a traditional publisher because the entrepreneur has sold more on her own. Amazon has helped sell these books and is, in fact, the largest seller.

The entrepreneur invested $200,000 of their own.

This was enough to encourage Barbara to investo in the company but not enough for her to not ask for a very sharky amount of equity. With just $180,000 in sales, perhaps $1,250,000 was too much value to put on the company but after Barbara's bite of $750,000, the company was worth just $500,000.

Here's hoping it worked! 

Scroll chart to see it all!

Scroll chart to see it all!


  1. Simmilar to Classroom Jams, this is 2009 and Compact Disks are still a thing.

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