Shark Tank Frenzy

On Stats For Sharks, we define a Shark Tank Frenzy as being any deal where four or more sharks vie to the the the partner for a given company or product. While this is the most basic definition, a Shark Tank Frenzy often features several rounds of back and forth with the entrepreneurs able to pit the sharks against one another in order to realize the smallest if not no Shark Tank Bite from the value of their company while also maximizing what the shark promises to bring to them.

Features of a Shark Tank Frenzy include:

  • Sharks countering one another
  • The cost of the deal to the entrepreneur getting cheaper and cheaper
  • The ability for an entrepreneur to counter and shark made offer
  • An often negligible bite to the business' value
  • And sometimes a partnership between some or all of the interested sharks

We believe that episodes that feature a Shark Tank Frenzy are often the most entertaining Shark Tank episodes because everyone wants to believe that they've come up with the next hot thing that a bunch of millionaires and billionaires will give away their money to be part of.

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