Shark Tank Bump

A "Shark Tank Bump" is a term that is used for the increase in business a company or product sees during and often after an appearance on Shark Tank.

According to an Inc. article, "[..] it turns out, in most cases, a company's revenue increased the year after it appeared on Shark Tank, occasionally doubling or tripling--and, in some cases, doing even better than that."[1] The same article cites Bombas, a company Daymond John invested in season six. Bombas, it says, saw a 250 percent increase in sales in the year following their appearance.

However, while Bombas was cited as an example of a company that saw sales improve (and were predicted to keep improving), this is also, often, just a bump. Another company that went unnamed from Season Seven "saw a 1,400 percent increase in revenue the year after it appeared on Shark Tank. It dropped 600 percent from that peak the following year."

Several businesses in Shark Tank update segments that they were completely unprepared for the night of a Shark Tank episode airing and that they quickly sold through their available inventory or, worse, didn't because their sites crashed under the load. However, many have also said that this traffic levels off soon after, though it can return in smaller waves when re-runs are aired on CNBC.


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