SAP! is a company started by two cousins from Vermont that makes a drink from maple sap. The sap comes from trees on the family farm and makes seltzer, soda, and birch flavored variations. (The birch flavor is made from birch sap instead of maple.)

The entrepreneurs claim that each drink is only 40 calories in a normal sized soda can and that it has more nutrients than typical sodas, up to forty-six natural vitamins. This is becausem the sap comes from one of 12,000 taps on the family farm and only carbonation, no water, is added to the product.

A can of SAP! retails for $1.99 and costs only $0.5 per item to manufacture. The drink can also be had in four-packs for $7.99. In 15 months of existence, SAP! has earned $400,000 in gross sales.

When asked about who the entrepreneurs saw as their primary customer, they described an upper-middle class mother with of children, concerned about their health and looking for an alternative to soda.

Unfortunately, none of the sharks were willing to bite on SAP! and the entrepreneurs left the tank without a deal.

This deal aired on Episode 9.21.

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