No Deal

Reely Hooked Fish Co

The Reely Hooked Fish Co is a business in Clearwater, FL, that makes a healthy fish dip the entrepreneurs would like sell in more stores.

The fish dip that Reely Hooked makes is not made with mayo or cream cheese to set it apart as healthy. Instead, they use Greek yogurt as the base and apples to sweeten it. The dip is also preservative free. The fish in the dip is King Mackrel because of it's oil content and the ability for the fish to smoke well.

Each container is 245 calories with 32 grams of protein.

The entrepreneurs are wildfire firefighters and had been brainstorming ideas when a co-worker overheard them and suggested the fish dip sarcastically. They believed that their creation would be the perfect compliment to the beers at breweries and are currently selling in three in addition to a small retail store.

Each can retails for $10 but the entrepreneurs believe that they can sell it for as high as $12. They have been selling for three months and grossed $10,000 in sales. Each can costs $4.50 to manufacture. In order to provide it to restaurants, theyhave been buying refrigerated trucks with which they will deliver the product.

The entrepreneurs are looking for investment so they can purchase equipment and rent facilities to manufacture more product as well as to go dedicate themselves to it full time.

This deal aired on Episode 9.11.

Making A Deal

Believing in the product and the entrepreneurs, Mark Cuban offered the (now former) firefighters exactly what they were looking for, $75,000 in return for 25% equity. This means that there was no bite on the company's valuation.

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