Recharj is a company from Washington DC, that has created a service to let busy professionals take "power naps" in the middle of the day to "recharge" for work and life and fight sleep deprivation.

The flagship studio in Washington DC features twelve to thirteen "power nap cocoons" that comes complete with a pillow, headphones, and eye-shades. The "cocoon" is surrounded by a sound dampening curtain and features scents and soothing sounds to help with both falling asleep and the sleep state itself. As part of the service, guided and non-guided trances are both available.

Sessions at the studio can either be booked online or with drop-in appointments to accommodate busy people. Sessions are twenty-five minutes long and cost $9 per session.

When the issue of cleanliness was broached, the entrepreneur stated that the blankets and pods were inspected after every use and spot cleaned as necessary and that blankets and pillows were fully washed at the end of every day.

The entrepreneur has invested $90,000 of his own money into the space and an additional $15,000 for operations. Additionally, the business carries a $158,000 Small Business Loan at a 6.5% interest rate for a sixty month term. He projects that $130,000 in gross revenue will allow Recharj to reach the break even point and that the business is on track to reach that by the end of the year.

The daily business is currently run by a sleep specialist and forty engaged contractors. The entrepreneur still maintains his full time job.

Recharj left the tank without a deal.

This deal aired on Episode 9.15.

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