Funhouse is an events business from New York, NY, founded by a magician and a knife thrower. These entrepreneurs entered the tank looking to start up a 25,000 square-foot funhouse in New York's Times Square.

The concept is to build five different venues inside this single location. These include a "Vaudeville Cafe" with two hundred seats and performers, a side show, and a lounge where performers will do coin tricks and other amusements.

The idea is that admission to this venue will cost $15 per person and could gross up to $9,400,000 by the end of the first year.

Unfortunately, the $300,000 that these entrepreneurs is just a fraction of the $1,500,000 initial setup costs or the total $7,400,000 it will take to launch this venture. And, for that reason, FunHouse exits the tank without a partner. 

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Scroll chart to see it all!

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