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Chill Soda

Chill Soda, a company from Sausalito, CA, is a new soda producer that has created a "healthy" version of cola.[1]

In Chill Soda's formulation, there is no corn syrup, using agave nectar as a sweetener instead which allows Chill Soda's cola to be low in calories and claim to be organic.

Chill Soda has a distributor and is sold in 40 states and territories. Since it's founding, it has made $175,000 in sales and sold 250,000 units.

Four of the sharks were so distressed by this company that they actually tried to talk Barbara out of investing in it. But they didn't succeed because she got twice the equity originally on offer and Chill Soda as part of her portfolio. This resulted in a bite of $250,000, leaving Chill Soda worth about the same.


  1. Fun fact! Most people don't know this but soft drinks actually break down into several different categories. Coke and Pepsi are "colas", Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb are "skippers" and so on. So a "cola" is actually a very specific type of soft drink.

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