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Body Jac

The Body Jac was a product by a salesman who didn't look like he used it much named "Cactus Jack" from Des Moines, IA. Pitched as a device that would help make pushups easier, Cactus Jack hooked both Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran with his little product.

The product that was demonstrated was just the prototype by good ol' Cactus Jack showed how it could be modified to adjust the resistance. He also estimated that it could sell for between $89 and $129 per unit, which is quite the range.

Cactus Jack spent $27,000 to develop the Body Jac.

Barbara seemed bemused by the whole product and, as part of her deal, mandated that Cactus Jack had to lose thirty pounds (with or without the device was unclear. Barbara's bemusement would later wear off as she later stated that the Body Jac was one of the worst deals she ever made.[1]


In a short update in episode twelve, it's revealed that Cactus Jack did indeed lose over thirty pounds. Additionally, Kevin Harrington brought in a a fitness expert to speak for the product and star in a new infomercial.

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